7 Owners Sanctioned in 9 Months

The Paris City Hall has provided an update on its efforts to control rent prices, for which it has had the authority for the past nine months. Three landlords have already received the maximum fine of €5,000, while four others have faced financial penalties. According to Ian Brossat, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of housing, the City of Paris has received almost ten times as many reports as the State, with 1,181 reports collected between January and September 2023.

Paris was the first city to implement rent control measures in mid-2019, and since January 1st, it has been the first city to directly enforce these measures. Brossat described the initial results as “positive,” but highlighted a number of abuses, particularly in relation to small apartments. Almost 50% of the reports received during this period concerned studio apartments.

The problem increases to “80% when including two-bedroom apartments,” affecting more vulnerable populations such as students, young workers, and older singles, Brossat stated. In the 16th arrondissement, the owner of a 15m² apartment was charged the maximum fine of €5,000 for overcharging €900 per month for 23 months, when the authorized rent was €583 per month.

During this period, 45 cases were resolved and seven reports led to financial penalties, serving as a final warning for landlords. “Seven fines have been issued, including three at the maximum limit of €5,000,” said Brossat, adding that “34 warning letters prior to the fine” were also sent.

In the capital, which is two-thirds composed of tenants, the 18th, 11th, and 15th arrondissements had the highest number of reports, due to their large populations and significant private housing markets, Brossat noted. Out of the 1,181 reports, 47% were investigated by the City Hall, and among them, “61% revealed confirmed rent overcharges,” while others were not eligible or pertained to additional charges not under the authority of the City of Paris.

In total, 183 notices were issued to landlords, with 68% of them having monthly overcharges exceeding €100. Since its implementation in 2019, this initiative has also been adopted by 18 municipalities in the Île-de-France region, as well as several other French cities in areas with high housing demand, such as Lille, Lyon, and Montpellier.

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