Yvonne Woelke: Attacked by Frightening Stalker

Yvonne Woelke: Scary stalker molests her

The ongoing love affair between actress Yvonne Woelke, Iris Klein, and Peter Klein has taken a turn for the worse; it has become a crime thriller. Iris Klein, who is the mother of Katzenberger, believes that her husband, Peter, is the reason for her marital crisis with Woelke. This situation has led to her sending intimate WhatsApp messages with a photo of Peter showering to Woelke. What’s more, there is now an alarming twist to this saga – Woelke has become the target of a stalker.

The unknown harasser has been calling Woelke up to 20 times a day for weeks. The caller doesn’t speak and only communicates by knocking. Woelke has indicated that she has figured out that knocking once means no, and twice means yes. She believes that the stalker is a man over 50 years old who lives in Mallorca.

However, suspicions fuel the fire; Woelke wonders if Iris Klein is behind the phone calls. Woelke expressed to BILD that she is unsure whether the caller’s claims are factual. Regardless, she finds it all rather disturbing, and she wishes for it to stop.

At this moment, Woelke doesn’t feel very safe, and she hopes that the phone calls and knocking will cease soon. This affair has been ongoing for several months, with many twists and turns, and it seems that it isn’t over yet.

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