Yeri Mua’s Startling Revelation: The Frightening Possibility of Falling Prey to Witchcraft After a Second Shock

Influencer Yeri Mua has been involved in another car accident, which has led her followers to speculate that she may be the victim of witchcraft. The Veracruz woman crashed her truck in Mexico City a couple of months ago, resulting in a total loss. She revealed that a witch had warned her of these events due to curses that someone may have placed on her.

The predictions that Yeri Mua received were made by Jessica Esoterica, better known as “the network witch,” who has been right about many things that have happened to the model.

After the second car crash, Yeri Mua’s followers began to remind her about the witch warnings. Although the young woman has not commented on the matter yet, her fans are expecting her to address the issue in a live broadcast.

Yeri Mua first rose to fame in 2018 when she began posting videos on social media, giving makeup tips, and sharing stories about her life. She has since become a socialite with millions of followers on various platforms.

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