Windows 11 Comes to the Cloud; Google Granted Permission to Display Copied Lyrics

Wednesday: Windows 11 from the cloud, Google is allowed to show copied lyrics

Microsoft’s plan to bring Windows 365 to corporate customers has prompted speculation about whether Windows 11 for private users will also be cloud-based. The company aims to support the operating system with improved AI services. However, Google recently won a copyright infringement case in the US, despite displaying lyrics copied from a website without permission. In Germany, the credit industry is considering the future of payment systems after the discontinuation of Maestro cards. The potential solution could be co-badging, such as combining the Girocard with Mastercard Debit.

In the corporate sector, Windows has been increasingly transitioning to the cloud. With Windows 365, the entire operating system, along with applications, data, and settings, is no longer stored locally on a PC. Microsoft plans to do the same with Windows 11 for end customers and private users. The goal is to stream the complete operating system from the cloud to any device, leveraging the performance of both the cloud and the client to provide improved AI-supported services., a lyrics website, recently lost a lawsuit against its Canadian competitor Lyricfind and Google. Genius claimed that Google’s search engine displayed lyrics copied from its website, but US courts determined that such self-service of third-party services is not prohibited. In Europe, there is a property right for databases, unlike in the US, allowing Google to avoid legal repercussions.

The discontinuation of Maestro cards in Europe has caused concerns. Maestro was typically used as a secondary function of German banks’ giro cards, enabling the use of “EC cards” abroad. The end of Maestro has created a significant issue for the Girocard, leading banks and savings banks to consider implementing new co-badging schemes, such as combining different payment systems on a single card.

The potential for harvesting solar power from motorways has been demonstrated in the “PV-Süd” pilot project in Baden-Württemberg. Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing visited the project, which consists of a roof area made of photovoltaic modules mounted above the road on a steel structure. This technology aims to test the feasibility of generating solar power from motorways.

The Volkswagen plant in Emden has faced challenges as the production of electric cars, including the ID.4 and ID.7, has been reduced due to lower demand. The production of the Passat, however, will continue as planned.

A recent study by YouGov on behalf of Atlassian highlights the communication gap between different generations in the workplace. Baby boomer employees consider communication to be efficient, while millennials find it long-winded and insufficient. Additionally, senior executives see internal exchanges as transparent, but millennials and Gen Z disagree. Despite these differences, young executives still value the experience and expertise of older generations.

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