Wild parties in front of the Grand Rex in Paris: police ordered evacuation

For several weeks now, the collective “Le Stockk” has illegally settled at 4 boulevard Poissonnière in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, where wild parties are organized until the early morning hours. The two entrance doors were reportedly forced open and the lock changed, despite the presence of a security guard commissioned by the owning company, noted a judicial officer in his official report dated May 31st.

The first and second basement levels, the ground floor, and the mezzanine of this building, where La Poste plans to establish its future agency, have become the scene of festive events, the first of which reportedly took place on June 15th.

On August 27th, the police were called by a complainant for “daytime noise” shortly before 9 am. Upon arrival, they heard music emanating from the building, the windows of which were covered with black fabric and cardboard. They then saw about fifty people inside, a bar, and alcohol sales. A “strong smell of cannabis” was also coming from the location. After the disturbance, the collective confirmed that they were responsible for the party.

During an inspection carried out by law enforcement, following a letter sent by the lawyer of the company that owns the premises to the prefecture of police, various electrical installations were found to have been modified in a haphazard manner. Technicians from the Fire Prevention Service (SPI) discovered connections and wiring that were dangerously connected or overlapped with extension cords. This obviously raises safety issues for partygoers. The layout also reportedly includes numerous flammable materials.

During the inspection, the police found cigarette butts, mattresses, sound equipment, and a flyer announcing an event with a DJ and bar from 6 pm to 4 am on September 8th, as well as two other parties on September 15th and 22nd. Considering the potential danger faced by the occupants and those invited to the events, the Paris police prefecture ordered the urgent evacuation of the people occupying the building without right or title on September 21st, by decree. If necessary, law enforcement officials will forcibly evacuate the premises.

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