Warning: Beware of Fake Amazon Returns Sold By the Pallet, Consumer Advice Center Urges

Consumer advice center warns of fake offers with Amazon returns “by the pallet”.

Fraudsters are targeting customers on various platforms, offering devices such as smartphones, game consoles, and notebooks for sale as “Amazon packages,” warns the consumer advice center in Saxony. These sellers claim that they can offer better prices for these devices since they are available for purchase in bulk. However, the goods they offer typically come from returns and Amazon’s warehouse clearances, which the sellers advertise as being sold “in pallets” for as little as 30 euros.

Several people have complained that they paid money, but did not receive any goods. To make these offers more attractive, hundreds of “satisfied customers” post pictures and reports about their purchases, but they are nothing more than fake reviews. The advertisements appear on Facebook and other media sites, but experts warn that such large quantities of goods are not typically sold to private customers by the pallet.

Teubner, a representative from the consumer center in Auerbach, says that private customers should be wary of disproportionately cheap offers. Reputable dealers would never sell their products cheaply. Customers should always treat social media offers with caution and double-check themselves before buying from suppliers whose backgrounds are not well known.

The consumer center in Auerbach offers advice on the goods available for sale. They also warn customers to avoid purchasing from unverified sellers since they may run the risk of losing their money. The center also advises customers to find a reputable dealer who sells in larger quantities to handle their Amazon packages better. In summary, everyone should be cautious when buying such devices online, especially if they are offered at incredibly low prices.

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