VW ID.2all: An Ambitiously Priced, Conservatively Designed Electric Car

Electric car VW ID.2all: conservatively designed, ambitiously priced

Volkswagen recently unveiled its latest electric car offering, the VW ID.2all. The vehicle is conservatively designed yet ambitiously priced and targeted towards private new car buyers. VW hopes the car will have a “target price” of less than 25,000 euros, making it a competitive option in the affordable electric car market.

One of the main challenges for electric cars under 20,000 euros is the high price point. This is why the VW ID.2 was eagerly awaited, as it aims to bridge the gap for those who cannot afford more expensive options. The world premiere of the ID.2all in Hamburg focused on delivering a car “for the people” to meet this need.

At 4.05 meters long, the ID.2all is about the same size as a current VW Polo, making it a typical small car. This size is popular amongst European customers and competitors like Renault Zoe, Opel Corsa-e, and Peugeot e-208. The car has a width of 1.81 meters, the same as the ID.3, and is slightly lower at 1.53 meters in height.

An advantage of the front-wheel drive is that the electric motor and the multi-link axle are missing at the rear, leaving plenty of space in the trunk. Volkswagen claims that the trunk volume is 490 liters, greatly exceeding the 381 liters of the Golf 8, which is around 20 cm longer. The wheelbase of 2.6 meters is also generous in this segment, providing decent space for passengers.

VW’s ID.2all boasts some advanced features, including IQ-Light, Travel Assist, and an e-route planner. Its competitors come from Renault, Stellantis, and from China.

Ultimately, the success of the ID.2all will depend on whether it can offer an affordable electric car option with enough features and space to make it a viable choice for daily use. VW needs to convince drivers through the car’s performance, reliability, and usability that it is worth investing in an electric option at a lower price point. The ID.2all has the potential to be a popular choice, but only time will tell.

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