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"Framed" Photo Contest: Vote for your favourites!

C’t Photography’s “Framed” Photo Competition: Evaluating the Submissions

The “Framed” photo competition by c’t Photography is now in the evaluation phase. All those with a gallery account can rate the submitted works. These works are diverse and showcase different subjects, such as landscapes, urban spaces, people, and experimental shots.

There are windows framing landscapes, two poles with a waiting cormorant, and an iceberg alongside a sailing boat. Castles, staircases, and quiet cafés in urban spaces are also prevalent. The portfolio is completed with city views of Venice or London.

Regarding people photography, viewers can find playing children, a couple cuddling, or a woman looking at herself in the mirror. There are also experimental shots, flowers, humor, and one or two more unexpected motifs.

The evaluation phase runs until April 24, 2023, at 12 noon. Registered users of c’t Photography can participate online and rate the submissions. The ten best-placed articles will be featured in the 04/23 issue.

Those who do not yet have a gallery account can register for free on the website. Don’t miss out on seeing these remarkable works and submitting your evaluations.

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