Vivaldi Browser Now Available in Microsoft Store as a New Version

Browser Vivaldi available as a new version and in the Microsoft Store

Vivaldi, the customizable browser, is now available on the Microsoft Store. This is in response to the repeated requests of users. The latest version, 6.0, offers even more customization options in terms of design. The browser allows users to divide tabs into workspaces, which aids in concentration. Tabs can be grouped together and switched between easily. The split-screen view that is a signature feature of Vivaldi can also be used within the workspaces.

CEO Jon von Tetzchner wrote that Vivaldi aims to offer “ultimate freedom and flexibility” to its users. The browser can be likened to a dream house on the internet, where users can customize almost everything on their own. Background images, toolbar arrangements, themes, and even icons can be changed according to the user’s preference. The settings and themes options allow for easy navigation through all these customization options.

Vivaldi also offers many pre-made themes inspired by shows like Game of Thrones or The Hobbit. Icons like navigation controls, panel icons, and command chains can all be replaced with the user’s customized versions. Once created, these themes can be easily shared with others.

In summary, Vivaldi offers a hugely customizable browsing experience with its latest release. With the ability to modify everything from the background image to the toolbar arrangement, users can make their browsing experience truly unique.

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