Violent Clash Erupts in Naples as Eintracht Frankfurt Supporters Attack Police

Eintracht Frankfurt: Ultras and hooligans attack Naples police

Naples, Italy was hit by a wave of violence and riots as hundreds of Eintracht ultras and hooligans from Atalanta Bergamo caused a scandal before the round of 16 second leg in the Champions League at SSC Naples. The hardcore fans attacked the police, shot them with pyrotechnics, and attacked bars, officials, and police cars in downtown Naples. At least one police car was set on fire, and the Frankfurt ultras and hooligans attacked emergency services at central locations in the city.

The chaos erupted four hours before the start of the game, with the Frankfurt Hools rioting in Naples, marching through the city before the violence began. The mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, condemned the destruction of the historic city center and called the acts “unacceptable” and “unspeakable.”

The police managed to put the ultras in buses and bring them back to their hotel in the waterfront from downtown. However, the buses were pelted with stones and bottles by Napoli fans. A large proportion of the violent Eintracht supporters arrived at the main station in Naples on Tuesday evening despite the fan exclusion.

The Frankfurters were then accommodated in their hotel, which is in the immediate vicinity of the team hotels and is permanently guarded by a large police force. Naples fans are said to have stayed here too, but the police cordoned everything off, with neither fans nor employees being allowed to leave the hotel. On the morning of the match day, the Eintracht team radiated calm, with the coach and players relaxing on the balcony of their hotel room.

It is still unclear whether or how many Frankfurt fans will attend the “Stadio Diego Armando Maradona,” as Eintracht gave up their entire contingent of guests after the Italian authorities banned tickets for residents of the city of Frankfurt.

The Eintracht Ultras have since left the hotel on their way to the city, with the police accompanying them in efforts to prevent further violence and riots in Naples. The situation remains tense, and authorities are taking strict measures to ensure public safety.

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