Update: Security breach reported on Tiktok and DPReview, new image creator tool launched on Bing

Briefly informed: Breached, Tiktok, DPReview, Bing Image Creator

The Breached underground forum, known for being frequented by cybercriminals and security experts, has been closed down by its remaining administrator. The operator of the forum, who had previously been arrested by the FBI, led to suspicion that the authorities could have access to the arrested person’s devices and to the breached forum. As such, participation was no longer considered safe, and the forum was taken offline. The underground forum, also known as Breachforum, contained cloned databases of approximately 1,000 companies and websites, often containing sensitive data that cybercriminals offered for sale.

Tiktok, the short video app, has had to revise its community guidelines due to increasing political pressure. The updated policies will outline more specific details about which contributions can appear in the platform’s “For You” feed, which individually selects clips for users. There are now stricter rules in place, such as videos that contain misinformation about climate change or disclaimers for clips that contain software-generated characters or objects. The imitation of private individuals with computer representations is now expressly prohibited, as announced by Tiktok on Tuesday.

The DPReview camera website is closing down, after 25 years in operation. On April 10, 2023, the website will no longer be updated, and Amazon.com says its closure is part of an annual operational plan. DPReview, which was founded in 1998 as “Digital Photography Review” in Great Britain, was acquired by Amazon in 2007. Amazon was never able to fully integrate the platform into its corporate structure, and DPReview is said to have largely acted independently.

Microsoft has expanded its range of artificial intelligence capabilities with its own version of the image generator Dall-E, which is integrated into the Bing Image Creator preview. This AI tool generates images from text input, similar to Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, and access will gradually be released for Microsoft accounts worldwide. The data company has also installed additional precautions to prevent certain images, and warns users who enter potentially dangerous commands.

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