UFL: The Free FIFA Rival Unveils 8-Minute Gameplay Video, Gamers Spot Similarities to EA’s Game

FIFA, the popular soccer video game by Electronic Arts (EA) Sports, now has a new rival in town called UFL. The game has been shown in an 8-minute gameplay and many users have highlighted its similarity with what EA develops. It seems that UFL may be the new number one game for soccer lovers, although it is necessary to assess other options as well.

Dominate the pitch with realistic plays and tactics, build your club from the ground up and ascend to become the champion of the UFL universe is what players can expect from the game. Although the comments in the official video are full of benefits and things to improve from respect, it is clear that many other users on the internet do not agree with it at all.

The first jeers are not long in coming, with many commenting that “they could have copied PES” making it clear that it is very similar to the EA Sports game. Some have even suggested that FIFA’s lawyers are going to have a good time with this, but there are differences including that the dribbling is different and seems a bit better.

At least this new game is going to be free-to-play, and while some are skeptical, others are excited to try it out. The UFL is set to release in January 2023, and even though it seems raw at the moment, there is progress being made. An update will be provided once the new animation system has been implemented.

Only time will tell whether UFL can live up to the expectations that have been placed upon it, but it is interesting to see a new player enter the world of soccer video games.

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