Tina Kunakey and Lena Situations: Stunning and Sensual in Boots to Admire Enchanting Deva Cassel in Paris

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An ultra-chic fashion show! Regulars of Paris Fashion Week, Tina Kunakey and Lena Situations made a notable appearance on Wednesday, September 27th in the streets of the capital. Invited to the Courrèges fashion show, the two young women chose a similar fashion detail that caught the attention of their fans. Coming alone, they met one of the new rising stars in French cinema who seemed to be enjoying the moment.

Tina Kunakey and Lena Situations: Stunning and sensual in thigh-high boots to admire Deva Cassel, captivating in Paris.

An unmissable week! As Paris Fashion Week continues for a few more days, several VIPs were invited to attend the Courrèges fashion show on Wednesday. Among them, there were many regulars of the front row: Tina Kunakey, Charlotte Rampling, and Lena Situations were present and shined under the photographers’ flashes.

Tina Kunakey, beautiful and clad in a dark cape coat, chose a pair of very high thigh-high boots that made her exceptionally sexy. Alone, away from her husband Vincent Cassel (also a fashion and runway fan!) and her daughter Amazonie (4 years old), the young woman was able to admire a young top model whom she knows very well… Deva Cassel, her husband’s eldest daughter, who set Paris on fire!

At just 19 years old, the young woman once again proved that she is one of the most popular models in the fashion industry today. Last week, she had already walked the runway in front of her stepmother for Dolce&Gabbana in Milan… and we can imagine that she must have asked for her opinion on her performances on the catwalk!

Lena Situations and Charlotte Rampling, regulars on the catwalks.

Alongside Tina Kunakey, Lena Situations was also extremely elegant. She even took a small fashion detail from her neighbor: thigh-high boots! Wearing a very short gray dress, the internet star also chose very high leather boots and looked stunning with her straight hair flowing over her shoulders.

Among the other guests, we could see Charlotte Rampling, a regular at fashion shows and a big fashion fan. The 77-year-old British actress had a big smile as she greeted the fans who had gathered outside the entrance of the show. Wearing a short gray jacket and hiding behind sunglasses, she then joined the other VIPs invited to the grand show.

She was able to meet one of her colleagues whose career has just taken off in the film industry: Raphaël Quenard, the new idol of French cinema, made the trip. Not used to this kind of events, the actor, whom we recently saw in “Yannick” or “Family Business,” seemed to have fun with the public and photographers.

Finally, the rapper Tyga, father of two children with Kylie Jenner, was present and could meet the rapper Shay. And they all seemed to have had a great time!

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