TikTok Unveils Text Posts: Twitter-Styled

Tiktok introduces text posts: like X used to be Twitter

Tiktok has introduced a new feature called “Text Contributions,” allowing users to post text-based content on the social network. While Tiktok is known for short videos, this new function aims to push the boundaries of content creation and provide a space for written creativity. Users can now tell their stories, share poems, and recipes through text posts.

To create a text contribution, users can access the plus sign on the start screen and choose between photo, video, and text options. They can also make adjustments such as tagging a location, adding music, or creating a post in collaboration with another Tiktok user. The platform aims to make text posts as dynamic and interactive as other content, offering stickers, hashtags, tags, and the ability to choose a background color.

Tiktok’s text contributions may cater to users who feel more comfortable expressing themselves through written text rather than video content. This new feature comes at a time when platforms like Twitter and Instagram are exploring ways to incorporate text-based content alongside images and videos. Additionally, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has created a separate app called Threads, dedicated solely to text-based posts.

While it remains to be seen whether Tiktok’s text contributions will be a viable alternative to platforms like Twitter, it surely caters to a specific group of users who prefer written expression. Whether this feature will gain traction and compete with other platforms in the long run is yet to be determined.

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