Thousands Participate in Silent March Launched by Culture Community in Paris

The “Une Autre Voix, Ensemble” collective mobilized several thousand people in Paris with a silent march and was backed by personalities such as Isabelle Adjani, Juliette Binoche, and Marion Cotillard. The writer Marek Halter and former Minister of Culture Jack Lang were part of the demonstration. They joined the march to express their desire for peace and unity.

Participants were advocating for an end to the war and expressed their sadness and shock over the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. While youth was underrepresented at the march, people wore white armbands and waved blue flags with a white dove and the word “peace.” The purpose of the march was to demonstrate without explicitly taking sides, aiming to express sadness and dismay over the ongoing conflict.

The cultural figures, who were initially criticized for their silence on the issue, chose to engage in a silent protest as an alternative form of expression. They wanted to signify the refusal to let hatred prevail and favored a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict. This movement also received support from left-wing political parties like the Socialist Party, the French Communist Party, and Europe Ecology – The Greens. They stood in solidarity with the call for a ceasefire in Gaza and advocated for the peaceful coexistence of both communities.

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