The Unforgettable Dancing Persona of Sally Özcan, the Cake Queen of Let’s Dance 2023

Sally Özcan on "Let's Dance" 2023: This is how the "cake queen" dances

Sally Özcan: A Household Expert Turned YouTube Star

Sally Özcan is a true powerhouse in her household, excelling in both cooking and gardening. Her expertise in various areas of the household is evident in her YouTube channel, “Sally’s World,” which boasts an impressive two million subscribers. Her social media presence extends to nearly a million followers on Instagram.

Sally’s authority and expertise also recently caught the attention of the popular dance show on RTL, “Let’s Dance,” where she competed in 2023. Partnered with Massimo Sinató, Sally’s impressive moves were all the more striking thanks to her record-breaking 114-centimeter legs. Though she initially scored in the ‘golden mean,’ Sally quickly won the hearts of fans with her impressive dances, earning a total of 67 points across four episodes.

Sally’s career trajectory has been one of remarkable success, but it all began with a simple YouTube channel. While still a teacher-in-training in 2012, Sally uploaded a video detailing the steps to make a nut braid. Overnight, the video garnered thousands of views, and Sally soon became a cooking sensation. She also started a small business selling baked goods and has since expanded to include a wide array of products like groceries, cosmetics, and children’s clothing.

As Sally’s popularity grew, so did her content. Her channel expanded to include advice on raising children and housekeeping, and she also collaborated with major supermarket chains like “Globus,” “Interspar,” and “Lidl.” In 2020, Sally opened a flagship store in Mannheim, and two years later, she added “Let’s Dance” contestant to her impressive resume.

Sally’s personal life is just as impressive as her professional accomplishments. She met her husband Murat in 2008 and got married just six months later. They now have two daughters.

Sally has published several books, including “Sally’s Classics: Classic and Modern Cakes and Tarts,” “Sally’s Turkish Cuisine: Mediterranean and Oriental Recipes for Every Day,” and “Sally’s Recipes for Children.” She’s also released a book of “Ingenious Tips & Tricks for Beginners and Advanced” and “Sally & Friends: Easy Recipes for Every Day.”

Sally Özcan’s success is a testament to her hard work, expertise, and passion for cooking and homemaking. She’s a true inspiration to anyone looking to turn their passions into a successful career.

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