The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking the Best and Most Useful Skills in The Last of Us Part 1: Expert Tips from Hobby Consoles

The Last of Us Part 1: The Best and Most Useful Skills

The Last of Us Part 1 is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure game that offers numerous skills for players to unlock. These skills significantly affect gameplay, and it is important to choose the right ones to survive in a world overrun by infected.

1. Listen Mode Distance

Listen Mode is something players should use continuously, and this skill increases the distance at which a player can detect enemies when using it.

2. Shiv Master

This skill is a must-have as it allows players to use their shivs more than once, saving resources and making it much easier to deal with clickers and bloaters.

3. Faster Crafting

This skill decreases the time it takes to craft useful items like health kits and Molotov cocktails. It’s a significant help when exploring the game’s numerous areas.

4. Health Kit Upgrades

Players should upgrade their health kit carrying capacity as soon as possible, as it makes a huge difference in combat situations.

5. Weapon Sway Reduction

This skill significantly reduces weapon sway when aiming, making it easier to take down powerful enemies like bloaters and clickers.

The Ones You Should Unlock First

Choosing which skill to unlock first can be a daunting task, but some should be prioritized over others.

1. Listen Mode Distance

Unlocking Listen Mode Distance right off the bat can make players’ experience less frustrating as it makes the game much easier to navigate.

2. Shiv Master

Shiv Master should be the second skill unlocked as it is essential for getting through some of the game’s most challenging sections.

3. Health Kit Upgrade

Players should upgrade their health kit carrying capacity as soon as they can, as it can save their life in combat.

4. Faster Crafting

Unlocking Faster Crafting makes it easier to create useful items on-the-go and accelerate gameplay.

5. Weapon Sway Reduction

Weapon Sway Reduction should be unlocked with leftover points and prioritized last compared to other crucial skills.

In Conclusion

The Last of Us Part 1 offers a dynamic and challenging experience that requires the right tools to survive. By unlocking the best and most useful skills and prioritizing which ones to unlock first, players can make their way through the game’s dangers and obstacles with more ease.

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