The Ultimate Guide to CPUs: c’t uplink 2023

The CPU Guide 2023 |  c't uplink

The CPU market has undergone significant changes over the past few months, with both AMD and Intel releasing new architectures that offer better performance. AMD’s Zen 4 has been particularly impressive in this regard, while Intel’s 13000 series has proven to be a stubborn competitor.

If you’re curious as to how these improvements stack up against one another, you might want to check out the weekly c’t podcast c’t uplink. Christian Hirsch, c’t hardware editor, shares his insights on the current state of x86 processors and the differences between various platforms. He also delves into the energy consumption of CPUs and their integrated graphics units.

One issue that Hirsch illuminates is the increasingly convoluted naming schemes for processors from both AMD and Intel. Simply because a processor has a current name doesn’t necessarily mean the technology it uses is current, too.

Listeners can tune into the c’t podcast to learn more about processors and other computer hardware-related issues. Hirsch is joined by Jan Schüßler, and the episode is available now in c’t 14/2023, either at kiosks, in the browser, or through the c’t app for iOS and Android.

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Whether you’re interested in learning about the latest CPU technology or are looking for a new career path, there’s something for everyone in these updates.

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