The Shocking Romance of Simone Thomalla: Revealed as the Cause of DJ Nicolino’s Breakup

Surprising love for Simone Thomalla: That was the reason for the separation from DJ Nicolino

Ten days ago, the news of the separation between Simone Thomalla and Nicolino Hermano broke. Ever since then, the actress has maintained her silence. However, her manager has now come forward to speak about the matter.

Initially, the couple gave the impression that they had found true love in each other. Seven months after their first public appearance, they made their relationship official. However, on March 10th, the actress’s management confirmed their separation, stating that although they remain friendly, no further details would be provided.

In a recent interview with “Bunte,” Simone’s manager Brigitte Maydt added that Nicolino was in no way responsible for the separation. Rather, Simone came to the realization that there was no future for them as a couple.

The actress had been in a twelve-year relationship with handball player Silvio Heinevetter before going public with Nicolino, who was the first man she dated after the breakup. Her manager reveals that while Simone regrets the dreams they had together not coming true, she is doing very well.

In a previous interview, Simone had expressed her desire for a partner who could help her take a break from being strong all the time. Despite the end of her relationship with Nicolino, it seems that the actress remains optimistic about the future.

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