The Heise Show: Exploring Netflix Account Sharing, 40 Years of Electronic Arts, and Tesla Autopilot Technology

#heiseshow: Netflix account sharing, 40 years of Electronic Arts, Tesla autopilot

Netflix Cracks Down on Account Sharing

Netflix has decided to take more stringent action to clamp down on account sharing in Europe. This move could potentially affect the streaming behavior of many consumers. The company aims to convert viewers into paying customers and up its revenue. However, the decision is not met with unanimous approval as it raises concerns about the state of the streaming market.

40 Years of Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) celebrates its 40th anniversary. The game developer has had a long list of successful titles, and its survival for four decades is an eternity for a tech company. As the company reflects on its past, there is also criticism around its creativity, acquisitions, and the effects of its loot boxes on gameplay.

Tesla’s Autopilot System & Data Leak

A recent data leak at Tesla has revealed that the Autopilot driver assistance system is currently grappling with more problems than previously disclosed. This news might have a significant impact on Tesla’s reputation as the company endeavors to make self-driving cars a reality.

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