The Freedom of Threads: Moving On for the Better

Comment: The best thing about threads is that you can move out soon

The emergence of Meta’s new social network, Threads, could spell trouble for Twitter. However, the real game-changer lies in an untapped aspect that has the potential to transform social media for users. Threads, built on the ActivityPub protocol, not only allows connections to other platforms, but also promises the ability to take your profile and followers to another platform—an immense opportunity.

For years, social networks have operated in isolation, creating “walled gardens” where communication between platforms was impossible. However, the Fediverse, powered by ActivityPub, has changed this by enabling interactions across platforms like Mastodon, Pixelfed, and Lemmy. In the near future, it may even be possible to extract threads from Mastodon, allowing authors to regain control over their audience and creating a paradigm shift in the social media landscape.

Once Threads establishes its connection to ActivityPub and the Fediverse, it will become the largest platform in the network, potentially dominating the space. This will expose more users to the diverse offerings of the Fediverse and the possibility of migration. Future dissatisfaction with Threads, whether due to scandals or new advertising practices, could prompt users to move to the Fediverse without losing their followers. This shift will force Meta to adapt and interact with users in new ways.

Unlike Facebook, where users were hesitant to leave due to the loss of their contacts, Threads users will have the freedom to switch platforms without repercussions. This change has the potential to break down the walls of walled gardens and revolutionize social networks. With the increased activation of ActivityPub on Threads, a new era of interconnected social media may be on the horizon.

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