The Challenges Ahead for RB Leipzig’s Coach Marco Rose

RB Leipzig: What coach Marco Rose has to tackle now

RB Leipzig Coach Marco Rose Acknowledges the Team’s Crisis

After three losses in the last four games and slipping down to fifth place in the league, RB Leipzig Coach Marco Rose has acknowledged that the team is in crisis. He recognizes the alarm signs and aims to take countermeasures by addressing some of the team’s weaknesses during training.

RB Leipzig’s Weaknesses

One of RB Leipzig’s key weaknesses is their inability to defend against standards, which make up more than half of the total goals they’ve conceded so far this season. Only 31.7 percent of goals conceded come from standards on average in the Bundesliga, while RB Leipzig’s percentage stands at a staggering 56.7 percent. Rose must find a way to address this significant issue, particularly as he faces the challenge of a lack of national players during the international break.

Another weakness evident in the team is their lack of mentality and greed, particularly when it comes to finishing goal-scoring chances. RB Leipzig has had 22 shots on goal in the last match but failed to score any goals, similar to their previous loss to Dortmund. Rose must motivate his offensive players to play with higher intensity and urge them to take chances to win games.

Christopher Nkunku’s Return

The return of Christopher Nkunku, who is expected to be back on the training ground soon, is essential to RB Leipzig’s success. The French midfielder is one of the team’s key players and helps bring much-needed quality and surprise to the offensive game. He has scored 12 goals in 18 games this season, which is as many goals as Werner, Silva, and Poulsen have combined.

Willi Orban Determined to Attack Again

The international break offers an opportunity for Willi Orban to recharge and refocus. The RB Leipzig defender has had a challenging time recently, particularly after the team’s 0-7 loss to Manchester City in the Champions League. Orban sees this break as a chance to “attack again and get the maximum number of points” in Hungary’s games against Estonia and Bulgaria.


Marco Rose’s approach to identifying the weaknesses in the team and addressing them during training will be critical to RB Leipzig’s success. With the return of key player Christopher Nkunku and the determination of Willi Orban, the team has a fighting chance to get back on track and achieve their goals for the season.

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