Tesla’s New Plant in China and General Railway Renovations on Tuesday

Tuesday: Tesla with a new plant in China, general renovation of the railways

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has announced plans to open a new gigafactory in China. The factory will manufacture huge energy storage systems, despite increasing political and economic tensions between China and the USA.

Deutsche Bahn, the German railway system, has seen a decline in punctuality due to outdated and scarce infrastructure, construction sites, and a growing volume of traffic. The punctuality rate for long-distance transport was just over 65 percent last year, and improvements are slow to come. The railways must invest in infrastructure to increase punctuality rates.

Investors in the satellite Internet industry are facing disillusionment. Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit filed for bankruptcy, and there are concerns about the viability of other companies’ business models. The merger between OneWeb and Eutelsat has also caused Eutelsat’s stock to decrease.

There is debate about the next minimum wage increase in Germany due to persistently high inflation. Social associations call for a significant increase, while employers warn against unrealistic heights. The minimum wage commission will propose the next step in the increase, with Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil expecting a significant increase in 2024.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) has struggled with a ransomware attack for around two weeks. This forced the newspaper to shut down its production systems over Easter. The situation has not been resolved as of Monday.

In other news, Disney is adding five new Star Wars titles to the series, following three recent films and 15 years after the last episode.

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