Surviving Cancer: Michael Lesch’s Life in Thailand

Michael Lesch defeated cancer 20 years ago: His new life in Thailand

Michael Lesch, the popular German actor and TV star, is enjoying a peaceful life in Thailand with his wife Christina. Lesch, who is best known for his roles in “Friends for Life”, “Der Fahnder”, and “Veterinarian Dr. Mertens”, was diagnosed with lymph node cancer back in 1999. Despite undergoing eight chemotherapy treatments, Lesch continued to work and ultimately overcame the disease.

These days, Lesch is living his dream life in a white house located in the middle of a nature reserve. Surrounded by chickens, goats, cows, horses, and rubber trees, Lesch and his wife are living in a modern and chic home with a pool. Their home is the talk of the town among their friends who visit them, and they feel completely comfortable in their chosen surroundings.

Talking about their lifestyle, Christina Lesch says that they are living their best lives in Thailand. They enjoy fresh pineapples every morning, which cost them just three euros for five pieces. She adds that the Thai cuisine is delicious and healthy, and they no longer miss their homeland.

The couple lives by the tenets of Buddhism, which includes thinking positively and focusing on the future. Though Lesch is now bald, he is still feeling wonderfully both mentally and physically. They recently made a food donation in the temple and Lesch is even playing a Thai monk in Marina Welsch’s short film, “Seconds in Eternity”, set to be released in December 2023.

Despite his impressive resume as an actor, Lesch is content with his quiet life in Thailand. The TV star and his wife love the low cost of living and the amazing weather, and they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Michael Lesch beat cancer 20 years ago, and he is now enjoying his life to the fullest in this Southeast Asian paradise.

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