Streamzz Portal Shut Down by Anti-Piracy Coalition for Copyright Infringements

Copyright violations: Anti-piracy coalition shuts down Streamzz portal

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has taken down illegal streaming portal, Streamzz, once again. The anti-piracy coalition announced on Wednesday that Streamzz, which had over seven million visitors a month, was operated from Ahlen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. ACE revealed that a third of the data traffic was caused by users in Germany, followed by the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland and Hungary. Since its launch in 2019, Streamzz has hosted and streamed more than 75,000 films and 15,000 TV series episodes. More than 60 other websites with offers of copyrighted content are said to have been based on the service.

ACE worked alongside Constantin Film on the case, and the production company called the action “an outstanding success for the rights holders in Germany and around the world.” Philipp Wohlfrom, head of anti-piracy at Constantin Film, said, “Piracy continues to erode the legal market and investment in new and exciting content.”

Jan van Voorn, who is responsible for “global content protection” at the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and heads ACE, assessed the closure of Streamzz as “current proof that nobody from the environment of pirated copies – from streaming services to video streams -Host – is above the law.” He announced the coalition’s plan to “continue to take action against piracy services of all kinds to protect the global creative industries.”

ACE has previously focused on Vietnam and shut down the illegal German-language streaming sites HDFilme and xCine there. The coalition has also taken action against the IPTV service Iconic Streams and the Android app FileLinked running on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, which were also aimed at a German-speaking audience.

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