Stefan Mross Engages in Altercation

Stefan Mross involved in a fight: Bei

Pop singer and moderator Stefan Mross (47) has been accused of violence against a man in a hotel in Leipzig in May of last year. According to “Bild” newspaper, Mross hit the man after he had insulted the singer repeatedly, following him to his hotel room. Mross has already admitted to the incident and was investigated for assault and attempted coercion. He did not object to the criminal order he was given as a result, which means he now has a criminal record and will be entered into the federal central register. The penalty he was given is undisclosed.

The incident occurred in the Penta Hotel in Leipzig, where the young man approached Mross and insulted him, calling him a “schlager fuzzi” (folk musician) and “playback artist.” When the man followed him to his hotel room continuing the tirade, Mross finally hit him.

Mross expressed remorse over the incident, saying “the horses just ran away with me. I’m not proud of that.” The police were called and the man who had insulted Mross accepted the penalty order, rather than go to court because of an “idiot.”

Despite the incident, Mross remains a popular folk music star and moderator, having split from his ex-wife Anna-Carina Woitschak in November of last year.

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