Sony Introduces Full-Frame Sensors with 44 and 61 Megapixels for Cameras

Sony offers full-frame sensors for cameras with 44 and 61 megapixels

Sony Semiconductor has silently unveiled three new full-frame sensors on its website with no prior announcement. The company has introduced the IMX366AJK and IMX455AQK-C with 44 and 61-megapixel resolutions, respectively. The latter sensor is also available in a monochrome version, catering to industrial applications and surveillance cameras. Sony has recommended these sensors for use in photo and film cameras, as mentioned in the data sheets, and third-party merchants can order them now.

Both the sensors are CMOS types with exposed backs, differing mostly in terms of resolution and the speed at which they can read out data. The IMX455 can film in 8K at 30 frames per second, whereas the IMX366 can only record 12-bit films at 60 FPS in 8K. The IMX455 can record films at 60 FPS in 4K, while the same speed records 12-bit films for IMX366.

This is possibly the reason why the Alpha A7R V has a restricted frame rate of 24 FPS for 8K films and 60 FPS in 4K as Sony keeps IMX455 as the high-end choice for the Alpha flagship. The company has not released these sensors’ prices and press releases yet. For more data, view Sony’s PDF for IMX455 and PDF for IMX366.

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