Snap Unveils Shopping Suite for Augmented Reality Fittings

"Shopping Suite": Snap launches SaaS for augmented reality fittings

Snapchat Rolls Out “Shopping Suite” to Help Improve Online Purchasing Decisions

Snap, the company behind the popular social media app Snapchat, has recently introduced a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) model called “Shopping Suite”. This innovative tool aims to assist business customers in the retail industry by offering a range of technologies that help enhance online shopping experiences.

The suite includes five essential areas – “AR Try on”, “Live Try on”, “3D Viewer”, “Fit & Sizing Recommendation Tech”, and performance analysis. With the “AR Try on” feature, customers can upload their photos and see clothes, shoes, and accessories on themselves using augmented reality. Meanwhile, the “3D Viewer” shows the products from all angles, while the “Fit & Sizing Recommendation Tech” helps to find the right size and fit for individual customers.

Snap’s Shopping Suite is designed to help eliminate bad purchases that lead to customer frustration and high return rates, which is bad for both the environment and the retailers. This software also includes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to give next-level assistance to the online customers.

Snap offers companies using the Shopping Suite an infrastructure and a backend system to manage all functions. The suite also offers performance analysis to help retailers understand how customers are using the software. Kits have also been included, with which developers can create stickers and links, and an access kit makes it possible to log in to other services using Snap access data.

Snap has created a new team called ARES (AR Enterprise Services) to handle the Shopping Service. This team is made up of Fit Analytics, a Berlin-based company that was acquired by Snap in 2020, as well as Vertebrae and Forma.

This tool was designed to help bridge the gap between online and offline shopping – customers miss the tactile experiences of in-person shopping when shopping online. By enhancing the online shopping experience with augmented reality and machine learning technologies, the Shopping Suite is expected to be a big hit in the retail industry.

Several luxury brands, including Tiffanys and Cartier, are already on board with this game-changing software. With this, the Snapchat “Shopping Suite” is all set to revolutionize the e-commerce world with immersive shopping experiences!

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