Slow Start to the Game at the Parc Tonight (But Still Come, We’re Having Fun)

It had been seen coming from 15 miles away but not a single Parisian thought to themselves, “Oh, I might go and press him.” So Satriano does not hesitate to curl a wonder strike from outside the box to find the top corner, completely beating Donnarumma.

And not just a little! Too bad because Mbappé had left two Brest players in the dust before perfectly setting up the ball at the entrance of the penalty area. But Dembélé slipped, darn it…

Why, you may ask? Because it rhymes, probably.

A dribble to get past the first defender, a nutmeg on the second who seems to foul in the box but the referee says nothing. In slow motion, Le Cardinal seems to clearly make contact with Barcola’s knee without ever playing the ball. Well, let’s assume…

New Brest corner, another premonition from my two colleagues in the stands: “Header, goal. Every time there’s a corner there’s danger.” Well, not this time, try again.

A superb change of direction by one of the two Brazilian winter recruits who sparked a quick attack from PSG on Dembélé’s side. Mbappé had been well found in the box by his teammate but the control was difficult to make and the Finistère central defense were on their toes.

I take this opportunity to tell you that I’m posted in the stands next to the two video analysts of Stade Brestois. “Every time there’s a corner against Paris it’s an opportunity,” whispers one of them to his colleague. Well, not on this occasion, too bad.

With a magnificent assist from Hakimi for Satriano, fortunately Fabian Ruiz was there to play the firefighter and clear it for a corner.

Mrs. retired after thirty years of loyal service to the club, it was worth a big hug with Mbappé. I also discovered the word “lingère,” what a night!

If I catch the genius who had this idea. The guy thought he was in Spain. Do I look like my name is Pedrolito?

A portion of the lower part (no, there are no errors) of the Auteuil Stand is closed. But the ultras still make noise. However, no flags, no tifos. That’s too bad.

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