Shazam’s iPhone App Identifies Songs in Instagram, YouTube & Co

Shazam for iPhone recognizes songs from Instagram, YouTube & Co

Shazam, the popular song recognition app, has introduced a new feature in its latest update that allows users to identify songs playing on other apps. Previously, Shazam was only able to identify songs that were playing on the same iPhone, making it essentially useless for identifying songs on other platforms.

The new version of Shazam, 15.36, can be downloaded from the App Store. This update brings the app in line with its Android counterpart, which has had this feature for some time. Now, users can open Shazam when they come across a song on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other app, and the app will listen in the background to identify the song.

Although the initial attempts at using this feature have been successful, there are still some improvements that can be made. For example, if music is playing in the room where the device is being used, Shazam will identify that song instead of the one playing on the app. Additionally, if Shazam is denied access to the microphone in the iOS settings, it will not listen to other apps either. It is hoped that Apple will address these issues and provide more delicate settings in future updates.

In addition to this new feature, Shazam has also made it easier for users to access song recognition. By opening the “My Music” window and going to the settings, users can activate “Shazam on app start”. This means that the next time the song recognition feature is opened, it will immediately listen to the room or the app being used afterwards.

Overall, these updates to Shazam make it a more versatile and convenient app for music lovers. Whether they’re listening to a new song on the radio or discovering music on various platforms, users can now easily identify the title and artist with just a few taps on their iPhone.

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