Several Hundred People Gathered to Combat Anti-Semitism

They gathered Thursday night in the 11th arrondissement to commemorate the victims of the Nazi Night of Crystal.

Several hundred people gathered on Thursday, November 9th in front of the Japy gymnasium in the 11th arrondissement of Paris to remember the victims of the Nazi Night of Crystal, which marked its 85th anniversary.

A gathering in front of the Japy gymnasium
The call had been made by the association Memorial 98 and the Action Network against Anti-Semitism and all Racism, in the context of the rise in anti-Semitic acts in France since the bloody Hamas attack in Israel on October 7th.

The CGT and LFI urged people to join the gathering in front of the Japy gymnasium, where many Jews were confined during the Occupation before being sent to concentration camps.

Clémence Guetté, Alexis Corbière, Raquel Garrido, Clémentine Autain… Many elected officials from La France insoumise – criticized for being the only party not to call for the major march against anti-Semitism on Sunday – were present.

Sophie Binet presents
“It is unthinkable that the far right can have the right to speak out in anti-Semitism demonstrations while we are prevented from expressing this solidarity and empathy,” she added.

Sophie Binet, the general secretary of the CGT, for her part expressed the “solidarity” of the trade union “with the Jews of France.”

“How can you think of marching alongside the far right, the spiritual heirs of those who deported six million Jews, to denounce anti-Semitism? How can you accept to march against anti-Semitism alongside Eric Zemmour, convicted of denialism?” she declared to the crowd.

The former far-right presidential candidate and current president of the Reconquest! party has never been convicted of denialism. He has been definitively convicted twice for incitement to hatred, for statements made in 2010 and 2016.

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