Scorching Love: A Hot Candidate’s Affair Sparks Interest Following the Netflix Show Too Hot to Handle

"Too Hot To Handle": Hot candidate affair AFTER the Netflix show

The German edition of the Netflix hit, Too Hot To Handle, has caused quite a stir among its 12 contestants. Despite being a year after filming, the candidates have still been quite active in discussing their love lives.

One couple that came out on top was Emely Hüffer and Kevin Nije, affectionately known as Kemely by fans. Despite the show’s no-kissing, no-petting, and no-sex rules, the couple fell in love and even have a baby together now.

However, not all couples found success after the show. Sophie and Akka initially left as a couple, but ended things eventually when they realized that there is more to a relationship than just a deep connection and sex.

Tobi Klein and Stella Stegmann hit it off on the show but ended their relationship quickly after filming. Tobi has not commented on his current relationship status during the reunion show.

Anna Strigl, from Austria, had no luck in love on the show, receiving a basket twice. She and Fabio were together for almost eight months, but their relationship eventually became toxic. Recently, Anna has been heating up the rumor mill about a possible friendship + with fellow campaigner and ex-Playboy bunny Stella Stegmann.

Curvy model Laura Muro found success after the show, revealing on Instagram that she is happily taken by a man she didn’t meet on TV.

Marco, who came on as a replacement, did not find love on the show. However, he reportedly had a secret affair with one of the participants after filming.

Onyi could not find her perfect match on the show and is currently single. And as for Paddy, the replacement candidate who gave Anna a basket after a hot French kiss, his current relationship status is unknown. Overall, the show has left its mark on its contestants as they navigate love outside of the dome.

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