Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 Forecast

Today, temperatures will range from -1 to 3°C in Paris. Sunny intervals are expected, making for a mild morning. Temperatures will be between -1°C at the lowest and 2°C at the highest. A light north wind will blow. A beautiful sunshine is forecasted in the afternoon, with temperatures ranging between 2 and 3°C. The city will enjoy some clear skies in the evening. The transition from Saturday to Sunday will be under a clear sky.

More grayness tomorrow. Clouds will linger over Paris. Temperatures will rise by a few degrees, with the mercury showing an average of 2°C. A south wind will cool the atmosphere somewhat. In the morning, the sun is likely to be hidden by clouds, with temperatures ranging between 0°C and 2°C. Tomorrow afternoon, the sun will be concealed behind clouds. The evening will remain overcast due to lingering clouds in the sky.

The weather in the following days will deteriorate. Rainy skies, with temperatures of about 6°C, are expected.

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