Reviving the thrill: Uncovering hidden secrets of Gran Turismo 4, two decades later

Gran Turismo 4 Cheats Discovered After 20 Years

Gran Turismo is a driving saga that has always pushed the simulation to the maximum on PlayStation consoles, but apparently Gran Turismo 4 for PS2 had tricks that have been discovered in 2023. The Polyphony Digital game released in December 2004 has been enjoying for almost 10 years, but most surprising of all, everyone has been driving it without knowing about these ‘cheats’.

Twitter user Nenkai posted this revelation last weekend, showing that there are 4 different tricks and each one with a combination of buttons; as it was done in the past. The thing is, 365 days have to have passed in the game’s internal calendar for them to go live, hence why they weren’t published before and they were hidden. And as has been speculated, this might mean that the cheats were actually cheat tools development; although it is somewhat similar to most of the old cheats.

If the game is still at home next to a PlayStation 2, many may want to try them. Made short and easy by Kotaku for you to use:

10,000,000 Credits

(On GT Mode Screen): Select, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Up , Right, Left, Down, L1, R1, Select.

Win Any Card

(Card Selection Screen): Select, R1, Select, R1, Select, L2, L2, R2, R2, L1, Select, L1, Select.

Gold in Any Event

(Event selection screen): Select, Select, R1, R2, L2, L2, Select, L1, R1, Select, R2, L1, Select.

Gold in Any Event

(Event Selection Screen): Select, L1, Up, Up, Select, R1, Down, Down, Select, L2, Select, R2, Select.

Even if you use Nissan or Toyota, any will work. The best is that – like any cheat – using it has no negative impact on progression, Nenkai said: “I’m sure someone is wondering, prizes are given correctly with the last cheat. 24 hour races can be skipped effectively as long as 365 playing days are exceeded”.

This kind of thing is a curiosity for those who grew up with these already retro consoles, they were great. And although they are no longer seen in modern games, they served to de-stress a bit like the Gran Turismo 4 cheats recently discovered almost 20 years later.

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