Record of Ragnarok Season 2: Buddha Joins the Battle! Premiere Date Confirmed on Netflix Trailer

The Exciting Second Season of ‘Record of Ragnarok’

Lately, some anime have come to us in installments, and although it has not yet reached the levels of ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ with its zillion installments for its final part, the second season of ‘Record of Ragnarok‘ also arrives divided into two batches.

In January we could see the start of season 2, which also picked up the pace after a tremendous cliffhanger and started with the battle between Hercules and Jack the Ripper.

Next on the Grid

After a particularly disastrous millennium, the gods decide it’s time to wipe humanity off the map. Their last chance comes in ‘Ragnarok’, a tournament that pits the most notorious humans in history against gods from different pantheons, and if the humans win the most number of fights they will have saved their entire species.

There are still quite a few duels ahead, and Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fuku’s manga isn’t even closed yet, but the new trailer for the second season gives us an account of what has happened so far and already gives us a small appetizer of what that comes ahead.

Returning Sooner than Expected

The good news is that although it seemed that we were going to go to the second half of the year, in the end ‘Record of Ragnarok’ will return a little earlier than expected. This batch will consist of chapters 11 to 15 of the season, and can be seen on Netflix from April 14.

A third season of the anime has not yet been confirmed, but considering that the series is doing quite well and the manga is still in publication, it is highly likely that we will have at least one or two more seasons to go until we can see the end of the tournament.

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