Rapper Finch and Matthias Reim deliver a show-stopping performance in Berlin

Rapper Finch rocks at a concert in Berlin with Matthias Reim

German Schlager icon Matthias Reim has teamed up with Rüpel-Rapper Finch for a new duet that has been making waves in the music scene. The duo recently performed Pech & Sulfur together, which was recorded a few weeks prior to the performance.

Reim even surprised Finch on stage during the latter’s concert at the Berlin Velodrom, where they sang their duet, as well as Reim’s classic hit Damn, I love you. The rapper was in awe after performing with his long-time idol, saying that he had always dreamt of singing that particular song with Reim.

The performance also marked a special moment for Reim’s son, who had never been more proud of his father being on stage with one of his idols. He’s Finch’s biggest fan and I’m now knighted for him, said Reim.

After the concert, the two artists sat down and exchanged ideas in Finch’s dressing room, both talking about how great live concerts are after the dry spell due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans are still discussing the exciting collaboration between two very different music genres that blended perfectly on stage.

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