Practical Experience with Heat Pumps in Unrenovated Old Houses

Heat pumps in unrenovated old houses: practical experience from the experts

Heat pump installations in unrenovated houses from before 1978 may seem challenging, but according to experienced heating engineer Joachim Mönikheim, it is entirely possible. Mönikheim, who installs over 90% of heat pump heating systems with PV systems, assures that there is no need to fear the technology. However, there are several factors that need to be considered.

One of the main concerns is the costs associated with installing a heat pump in an old, unrenovated house. Mönikheim explains that the cost largely depends on the size of the house and the specific requirements of the heating system. Additionally, the performance of the heat pump needs to be accurately determined to ensure it is suitable for the house’s heating needs.

Another important consideration is the profitability of installing a heat pump. Mönikheim mentions that the return on investment can vary depending on factors such as energy prices, government subsidies, and the efficiency of the heat pump system. He recommends carefully calculating the potential savings before proceeding with the installation.

Mönikheim also highlights the importance of avoiding installation errors. Proper sizing and positioning of the heat pump are crucial to its optimal performance. Furthermore, regular maintenance and professional servicing are necessary to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the system.

In terms of tariffs and public debate, Mönikheim discusses the challenges faced by heating companies that specialize in heat pump installations. He emphasizes the need for clear regulations and support from governments to promote the adoption of heat pumps in old houses. Additionally, he urges stakeholders to engage in informed discussions to address concerns and misconceptions about heat pump technology.

In conclusion, while installing heat pumps in unrenovated, old houses may present certain challenges, it is definitely feasible. With careful planning, accurate assessments, and proper installation, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of efficient and sustainable heating systems. Governments and industry stakeholders also have a role to play in supporting the adoption of heat pumps and addressing concerns through informed discussions and clear regulations.

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