Photo News of Week 15/2023: Black and White Paintings and Unexpected Turns

Black and white painting and other U-turns - the photo news of the week 15/2023

The latest camera models have sensors with exceptional color depth and megapixels, yet the appeal of black and white photography continues to captivate audiences. The play with light, shadow, and hard contrasts remains an essential means of design, and even expensive advertisements are often still produced in black and white. In the digital field, every respectable photographer has at least one monochrome portrait in their online portfolio.

Interestingly, black and white was initially the cheaper alternative during the days of analogue photography, but today, manufacturers charge more for cameras that cannot handle colors. Nonetheless, two corresponding black and white models have been announced recently: the Pentax K-3 Mark III monochrome and the Leica M11 monochrome. While both are expensive, black and white photography provides a technical advantage since the sensor does not need to capture color information.

Moreover, Sony Semiconductor’s IMX366AJK sensors and IMX455AQK-C are soon to be used by various manufacturers in their cameras, such as in the upcoming Nikon Z8. The sensors offer greater potential than the in-house cameras, especially in video production. However, processing such amounts of data requires faster processors and storage systems than in DSLMs.

While Sony’s new launch is straightforward, speculations about Nikon’s upcoming devices are rampant. Rumor sites predict that an announcement for two lenses for Nikon Z and the long-awaited Z8 will be made this April. A Z8 is likely to be announced since the Z7 II, which is less expensive, is below the top-of-the-line Z9. It remains to be seen if Nikon will incorporate the Z9’s software enhancements in the forthcoming Z8.

Nikon’s hidden information policy was evident at the beginning of 2023, as two lenses exhibited at the CES trade fair in January came with the vague announcement of “Coming Soon.” Nonetheless, the lenses were available for purchase approximately four weeks later. The Leica M11 monochrome and the Pentax K-3 Mark III have dissimilar form factors, system characteristics, and prices, yet both models showcase the continuing relevance of black and white photography.

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