Paris Wins Classique with 10 Men Against 11 in First Half, Vitinha and Ramos Score

Paris is on fire as the Parisian Ultras have lit up the Parc des Princes. Members of the Collectif Ultras Paris followed the game from the corridors of the stadium. After the final whistle, fireworks were set off.

Benoît Bastien explains the disallowed goal to Prime Video, stating that the player Luis Henrique was offside and influenced the goalkeeper’s ability to intervene, leading to the goal being disallowed. He also justifies giving Lucas Beraldo a red card for denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

A mysterious Instagram post by Kylian Mbappé after the win against Marseille has fans speculating about his future with the team. The photo shows him leaving the pitch, adding fuel to the rumors of his departure in the summer.

Luis Enrique comments on Mbappé’s substitution, stating that he always makes decisions in the best interest of the team. He also explains the tactical decisions made during the game and praises the atmosphere at the Vélodrome.

Parisian supporters are eagerly awaiting the players’ return at Roissy airport to celebrate the victory and show their support before the upcoming games.

The game ends with Paris winning 2-0 against Marseille, despite playing with 10 men for a significant portion of the match. Goals from Vitinha and Gonçalo Ramos sealed the win, with Donnarumma once again proving his worth in goal.

Marseille struggled to break through Paris’ defense, with Donnarumma showcasing his skills with crucial saves throughout the game. Despite their efforts, Marseille was unable to find the back of the net.

Paris fans show their dedication by organizing a welcome party for the players at Roissy airport after the match, highlighting the strong connection between the team and its supporters.

The game was marked by controversy over a disallowed goal for Marseille due to an offside position, highlighting the impact of VAR in modern football.

In the end, Paris takes a commanding lead in the league standings, while Marseille is left to contemplate their missed opportunities in the Classique showdown.

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