Paris increasingly damaged, laments Rachida Dati

Paris is becoming increasingly damaged, laments Rachida Dati. The former French Minister of Justice expressed her concern about the state of the city in an interview with CNEWS. Dati, who is also the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, believes that the city is facing various problems that are impacting its beauty and reputation.

One of the main issues highlighted by Dati is the increase in vandalism and graffiti. She believes that this is contributing to the deterioration of Paris and is calling for stricter measures to be put in place to combat this problem. Dati has also expressed her disappointment with the state of public transportation and cleanliness in the city.

In addition to these concerns, Dati has also called attention to the rise in homelessness and drug use in Paris. She feels that the city needs to do more to address these issues and provide support for those in need.

Dati’s comments have sparked a debate about the state of Paris and what can be done to improve it. Some believe that more resources and attention should be dedicated to addressing these problems, while others feel that Dati’s comments are overly critical.

Despite the differing opinions, it is clear that Dati’s concerns are indicative of a larger conversation about the state of Paris and the need for action to preserve its beauty and charm.

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