Paris-Connerré: Ranking – News

Pierre Thierry, from Morbihan Fybolia GOA, emerged as the winner of the 53rd edition of the classic Paris-Connerré (Élite Nationale) on Sunday. The race covered a distance of 173.5 kilometers from Emancé (Yvelines) to Connerré (Sarthe). Thierry finished ahead of Guillaume Dauschy (CC Nogent-sur-Oise) and Rayan Boulahoite (Vendée U). Thierry succeeded Émilien Jeannière as the champion.

The final standings are as follows:

1. Pierre Thierry (Morbihan Fybolia GOA) completed the 173.5 km in 3h52’00” with an average speed of 44.871 km/h.

2. Guillaume Dauschy (CC Nogent-sur-Oise)
3. Rayan Boulahoite (Vendée U)
4. Lenaic LAngella (ECOFLO CHRONOS)
5. Benjamin Labbe (DUNKERQUE LIT)
6. Léo-Paul Jamin (CHOLET 49 UC)
7. Killian Theot (ROUEN VC 76)
8. Brendan Le Cam (CÔTES ARMOR C)
9. Swann Gloux (CÔTES ARMOR C)
10. Kévin Le Cunff (DUNKERQUE LIT)

The race results continue up to the 80th place.

Two participants, Enzo Panor (AUBERVILLIERS) and Octave Pance (CHOLET 49 UC), finished outside the time limit.

Special thanks were given to Romain Guillier and the organizing committee of Paris-Connerré.

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