Ole Werner’s Bewilderment: Dealing with Werder Bremen’s Epidemic Wave of Illnesses

Werder Bremen: Again and again cases of illness: Ole Werner puzzles over Werder's epidemic wave

Werder Bremen had to face a tough challenge in their recent match against Gladbach as they were without five regular players. The absence of Milos Veljkovic, Marco Friedl, Christian Gross, and Leo Bittencourt due to illness was already known, but goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka also announced his absence due to an infection on the day of the match. Michael Zetterer had to take over the goalkeeper position on short notice, but he was also not completely fit as he was suffering from a cold.

Despite the many absences and several new faces, Werder Bremen managed to act on an equal footing in Gladbach. The team’s character was truly tested as they had to react to two backlogs in-game. Marvin Ducksch’s double pack ensured Bremen’s ecstasy as they managed to catch the losses efficiently.

Niclas Fullkrug revealed that the team did not pay much attention to the tense personnel situation. The established players allowed few discussions in the dressing room and on the journey, and instead focused on making it a super awesome game. Ole Werner, Werder Bremen’s coach, was delighted with the team’s success and praised their character, resilience, and work ethic.

The team is still puzzled about the epidemic wave hitting them with many absences due to illnesses. Despite this, the team is trying to pinpoint the cause and looking to overcome this challenge. Werder Bremen has a lot to be proud of their performance, and their recent success gives them the confidence to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

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