Norway’s Biathlon Star Eivind Sporaland Goes AWOL: Secret Service on the Hunt

Biathlon: Norway talent Eivind Sporaland missing - secret service determined

Where is Eivind Sporaland (22)?

The biathlon world and the police want to have an answer to this question. The Norway talent has been missing since March 19 and the search for him has so far been unsuccessful. Now even the secret service is investigating!

The Disappearance

It is March 19, 2023. Sporaland leaves his apartment in Lillehammer, Norway, and then he disappears. He is last seen wearing a blue down jacket, dark pants and red sneakers, and a hat. Colleagues and friends are looking for him, there’s a search call on Twitter with a detailed description.

But Sporaland does not appear. The police take over and ask the public for information. Operations manager Frode Øverås from the Innlandet police district recently said in “Dagbladet”: “We have several hypotheses about what could have happened, but we are really in a difficult situation at the moment.”

The Investigation

The official search for the biathlon talent has now ended. Øverås: The case was included in the intelligence and investigative track. We checked the geographic areas nearby where he parked his car – wooded area, hiking areas, but to no avail.”

Operations manager Rune Vegard Huse believes in the theory that Sporaland is alive but does not want to be found. Norway’s biathlon president Arne Horten on the case to the Norwegian TV station “NRK”: “The desperation is great.”

The Impact on Biathlon

In Alta, Norway, the biathletes were fighting for the national titles. Because of the unsuccessful search for Sporaland, the competitions were even discussed. Horten said, We had a discussion beforehand about whether we should organize the championships as planned. We agreed that the championships are a great opportunity to bring everyone together and use it as a place where we can talk to each other.

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