New Crack Reselling Operation Dismantled in Paris

In recent news, a drug ring has been dismantled by the judicial police. The suspects in this case are of Senegalese nationality.

It’s a successful mission for law enforcement. RMC reported on Saturday, December 23 that a crack resale ring has been dismantled in Paris, with a total of 240,000 euros worth of drugs seized. Additionally, a crack manufacturing lab was discovered in the suburbs of the capital by the judicial police. The drugs were being sold to Parisians coming out of the metro between the Republic and Grands Boulevards stations.

The police had identified two unknown drug dealers selling their “merchandise” near these metro stations. One of their accomplices was transforming the cocaine into crack in a lab located in Drancy in Seine-Saint-Denis. During a raid, law enforcement found half a kilo of cocaine, a firearm, dozens of bullets, and 240,000 euros.

As reported by RMC, the five suspects, aged 20 to 44, are all of Senegalese nationality. Among these individuals are the importer, the ringleader, the “cook,” and two dealers. The five individuals arrested have been charged and placed in temporary custody pending their trial.

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