Netflix remains hesitant as Apple and Amazon venture into theatrical releases for their movies

The dynamic between Netflix and traditional broadcast chains has long been a topic of conversation in the entertainment industry. Though Netflix has produced several successful films, the company only allows for a limited release in theaters before the movie’s debut on their streaming platform. This approach has caused friction between Netflix and big exhibitors.

As opposed to competitors like Amazon Studios or Apple TV+, who have invested significant amounts of money to bring their original films to theaters in traditional releases, Netflix only presents their films in theaters for award consideration. This differs from their original strategy and has led to conflicts with traditional theatrical release proponents.

Despite reluctance to conform to traditional release strategies, Netflix’s method has been successful in shortening release windows for the theatrical industry. While the coronavirus pandemic played a role in this as well, Netflix’s influence still holds weight in the ever-evolving entertainment industry.

While many Netflix films are better suited for streaming, some, like The Irishman or The Invisible Agent, would benefit from a traditional release to promote discussion. However, Netflix remains steadfast in its approach, preferring to keep the influence of its content limited to its own platform.

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