Naomi Campbell’s heavily edited photo sparks online backlash from her fans

"Worst Photoshop picture": Fans criticize Naomi Campbell – this is what the original photo looks like

Naomi Campbell Criticized for Editing Instagram Picture

Supermodel Naomi Campbell attended the legendary “Vanity Fair” party on the sidelines of the Oscars a few days ago. Shortly after, she posted a portrait photo of herself on her Instagram account. Fans quickly noticed that Campbell had edited the photo significantly.

Many fans criticized Campbell for the excessive use of Photoshop. One user commented, “You looked great even without Photoshop. You don’t need to edit your photos.” Another said, “The first image is the worst Photoshop image I’ve ever seen.” Some suggested Campbell should remain “real” rather than altering her appearance.

A comparison of Campbell’s Instagram post with the original photo from the Oscar night reveals significant edits. The neck is perfectly smooth, the skin is lighter and duller, the nose is narrower, and the jawline between the ear and the chin was emphasized more strongly. Even below the armpits, there are hardly any creases to be seen.

Despite the criticism, Campbell has not commented on the issue directly. However, she did share these words on her story: “People will only follow you to see what you’re doing, not how you’re doing.”

Campbell is a renowned supermodel and fashion icon, having been the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue. While some of her fans may applaud her for enhancing her appearance through photo editing, others feel that it is not necessary and that she should savour her natural beauty.

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