Ministry of the Interior Dismisses Ex-BSI Boss Schönbohm for His Own Protection

Ministry of the Interior: Ex-BSI boss Schönbohm also dismissed for his own protection

The Ministry of the Interior has provided an explanation for the sudden dismissal of Arne Schönbohm, the former boss of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). According to the ministry, Schönbohm was dismissed for his own protection. The decision to prohibit him from conducting official business was made out of concern for his well-being, as he had become the focus of a public debate. The ministry’s response came in response to a request from the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, who wanted to know the specific allegations that led to Schönbohm’s dismissal. The ministry stated that there were various contacts between Schönbohm and the ministry after a report by satirist Jan Böhmermann raised allegations against him. The decision to dismiss him was made in the interests of Schönbohm and the BSI employees, and the ministry reiterated that the presumption of innocence applies until the investigation is complete.

Claudia Plattner has been appointed as the new president of the BSI. She previously served as the Director General for Information Systems at the European Central Bank. The transition comes at a critical time, as the threat level in the area of cyber security remains high due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The ministry emphasized the importance of strengthening digital civil rights and IT security. However, concerns have been raised about Plattner’s independence, as a recent change in the civil servants’ law means that she can be retired at any time as a political official. This has led to criticism and calls for the BSI to remain independent in order to maintain public trust. The ministry’s decision to dismiss Schönbohm and appoint Plattner raises questions about the government’s commitment to digital rights and IT security.

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