Maxine Ordered to Return Job to Ana María Alvarado by Company Executives

After the tumultuous events surrounding Ana María Alvarado and Maxine Woodside, rumors are now circulating that top executives at RadioFórmula have allegedly instructed the owner of “Everything for Women” to bring Alvarado back. These reports suggest that Maxine has been asked to do everything in her power to get the host of “Sale el sol” to return to her former position after the Easter period.

This directive has been interpreted by some as an attempt to avoid further legal proceedings and instead forge a new agreement between the parties. Although these rumors remain unconfirmed, there is no denying the substantial amount of money that a settlement with Alvarado would require. Having worked on the radio program for 32 years, she is entitled to a significant severance package, not to mention bonuses, vacation pay, and premium rates.

At the heart of this dispute is the unsettled matter of Alvarado’s firing from “Everything for Women” and her subsequent lawsuit against the program’s former boss for failing to provide the necessary compensation. The appropriate payment owed to Ana María has been calculated as 1,259,300 Mexican pesos, which is a substantial sum in anyone’s book.

It remains to be seen whether Maxine will be successful in her efforts to restore Alvarado to her former position, or whether the situation will continue to evolve in unpredictable ways.

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