Maximizing Meetings: The Key to Successful Continuous Architecture – A Personal Perspective

Blog Continuous Architecture – My Opinion: Maximize Meetings!

In a recent Twitter discussion, the idea of installing an ad in the background of a video call was proposed. The ad would show the cost of the call based on the salary or daily rate of the participants. However, this idea does not address the true problem in software development; the biggest challenge is coordinating joint work on the software and understanding the requirements.

To implement features correctly and to implement the right features is where the optimization potential lies. Small differences can have massive effects, and it is counterproductive to implement a feature that has a negative impact on sales. Meetings are necessary to understand what needs to be developed, and they provide opportunities for communication and idea development. However, meetings can also be disruptive and annoying, interrupting concentration and negatively impacting the production of executable code.

Rather than focusing on the cost of meetings, which is an easier measurement, we should be optimizing the quality and value of meetings. After each meeting, feedback can be gathered to assess the helpfulness of the meeting and identify areas for improvement. Canceling all meetings may be too extreme, but prioritizing and maximizing the value of meetings is the key to success in software development. Ultimately, the goal is to develop executable code through efficient and effective collaboration.

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