Master Microsoft Teams with Five Webinars from Heise Academy

Become a professional for Microsoft teams with five webinars from the heise Academy

Microsoft Teams has become an essential communication tool in many companies. While the program is user-friendly, it offers numerous configuration options for admins. To help users become experts in their role, the heise Academy is hosting a five-part webinar series titled “Microsoft Teams for Advanced Users – Become a Teams Professional.”

The webinar series kicks off with sessions on automation and interactive meetings, providing training on how to automate tasks and processes to increase workflow efficiency. The sessions also teach users how to enrich meetings with interactive elements, enhancing video conferences.

Further down the line, the focus shifts to team structures. Participants will learn about effective management strategies to avoid sprawl and encourage successful collaboration. One webinar will be dedicated to exploring the additional features of Teams Premium, discussing the extended administration functions and increased data limits and assessing whether paid upgrades are a worthwhile investment.

Another session will delve into seamlessly integrating Teams’ telephony functions into your phone system, using Microsoft Teams Phone and Meeting Room Devices (MTR). Additionally, a webinar will focus on Microsoft Teams security settings and policy usage, providing an overview of the Admin Center and presenting best practices for securing a Teams environment.

The webinars will be led by Alexander Eggers, an experienced expert in Microsoft Teams and M365. They are set to run over five sessions, starting on 2nd August and concluding on 30th August. The webinars will each run for three hours, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Entry to a single session costs €149, but a combination ticket for all five sessions is available for €495.

Participants can expect to receive practical and expert knowledge to enhance their abilities. All questions will be answered through the live chat and attendees can make use of post-webinar videos and exercise materials. If interested, participants can learn more and purchase tickets through the heise Academy website.

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